Who Is The Actress In The Wendy’S Commercial?

Morgan Smith (actress)

Morgan Smith Goodwin
Years active 2011–present
Known for TV commercial ads as Red, a.k.a. “Wendy’s Girl” for Wendy’s restaurants in 2012–16
Spouse(s) Dave Ridgway Goodwin (2009-present)
Children 2


Who is Kathryn in Wendy’s commercial?

Kathryn Feeney was born as Kathryn Rose Feeney. She is an actress and writer, known for Where’d You

Who is in the new Wendys commercial?

Reggie Bush fans are loving his new Wendy’s breakfast commercial.

Who are the actors in the Wendy’s commercial?

The Wendy’s Cast

  • Bugs Bunny. voiced by Billy West.
  • Daffy Duck. voiced by Joe Alaskey.
  • Porky Pig. voiced by Bob Bergen.
  • Yosemite Sam. voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Tweety Bird. voiced by Bob Bergen.
  • Tazmanian Devil. voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Rick. voiced by Justin Roiland.
  • Morty. voiced by Justin Roiland.

Who plays Candi Caruso?

Kathryn Feeney (@Kathryn_Feeney) | Twitter.

Who plays Margo in Enbrel commercial?

Check out Sheila Daley as the leading lady “Margo” in the new commercial for Enbrel.

Is Reggie Bush on Wendy’s commercial?

Former NFL running back Reggie Bush is very pleased with the oven-baked bacon in his Wendy’s breakfast sandwich, so much so that he rushes to his local Wendy’s to thank the team member responsible.

Where did Reggie Bush eat breakfast?

Before trying Wendy’s breakfast, NFL running back Reggie Bush used to eat breakfast elsewhere. Now, he’s the quick-serve restaurant’s biggest fan, but his manner of expressing his extreme fandom is limited by his football toolkit.

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What does Wendy’s have for breakfast?

Wendy’s breakfast menu offers a variety of meals for a tasty start to your day.

  • Maple bacon chicken croissant.
  • Sausage, egg and Swiss croissant.
  • Bacon, egg and Swiss croissant.
  • Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.
  • Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.
  • Honey butter chicken biscuit.
  • Honey butter biscuit.
  • Sausage gravy and biscuit.

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