What Happened To Curly Sue Actress?

As a child, Porter made acting appearances in Parenthood, Stella and I Love You to Death. Her breakout role came in 1991, when she played the lead in the film Curly Sue opposite Jim Belushi.


Year 1991
Title The Golden Girls
Role Melissa
Notes Episode: “Beauty and the Beast”


What happened to the actress that played Curly Sue?

Former Child Star Alisan Porter: After 30 Years, Curly Sue Is Dead! ‘I Am Now the Girl Who Won The Voice!’ It’s been 25 years since Alisan Porter graced the big screen as the curly-haired, pint-sized orphan. Now, with her win on The Voice, the 34-year-old has moved on from “former child star” to singing sensation.

What happened Alison Porter?

She is now a mother of two children, ages 5 and 7. Meanwhile, she wrote and performed her own songs, fronted a band called the Canyons, and released two solo albums, “Alisan Porter” in 2009 and “Who We Are” in 2014.

How old is Alisan Porter?

Curly Sue – You´re nobody till somebody loves you James Belushi plays the song on the piano in Curly Sue:-) Leslie GrahamChildren in Movies of the Past!!

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What year did Curly Sue come out?

Long before Alisan Porter showed off her pipes on “The Voice,” she showed swagger as Curly Sue in the John Hughes film of the same name. Porter reflected on the movie, which was set and filmed in Chicago, ahead of the 25th anniversary of its release.

How old was Curly Sue in the movie?

And even when it came to carrying a feature film with her 9-year-old performance, she said she didn’t feel any added stress. “I didn’t have training with acting,” she said.

Is Alisan Porter married?

On March 10, 2012, Porter married Brian Autenrieth, a fruit exporter and former child soap opera actor, in California. The couple have two children: son Mason Blaise (b.

Who played Blanche’s granddaughter?

Alisan Porter (born June 20, 1981) appears as Melissa Devereaux, Blanche’s granddaughter, in the Season 7 episode of the NBC-TV series The Golden Girls titled “Beauty and the Beast”, A former child actress, Alison, in addition to still a now grown up actress, is also a talented singer and dancer.

Did Javier Colon win The Voice?

Season one: Javier Colon Colon won “The Voice” in 2011 on Adam Levine’s team and released his third full-length studio album, “Come Through for You,” with Universal Republic later that year. Colon then signed with Concord Music Group in 2014.

Is Curly Sue on Netflix?

Sorry, Curly Sue is not available on American Netflix.

Who Won The Voice 2021?

After wowing the coaches during her Blind Auditions, 23-year-old Bella Taylor-Smith has taken the crown of The Voice 2021.

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Did Bill Murray play in Curly Sue?

Christina Ricci was John Hughes’ first choice for the role of Curly Sue after Hughes had seen her in Mermaids (1990). But Ricci was unavailable as she was busy shooting The Addams Family (1991). Bill Murray turned down the role of Bill Dancer because he was busy shooting What About Bob? (1991).

What is Curly Sue’s name?

Warner Bros. As a kid, Alisan Porter had what was probably the most recognizable head of hair of any child actor. As the star of the 1991 film Curly Sue, Porter made a name for herself as the lovable adopted daughter of a grifter with spunk and unruly curls.

What did John Belushi died from?

March 5, 1982

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