Readers ask: Actress Who Stars In The Scandinavian Tv Series The Bridge?

Sofia Margareta Götschenhjelm-Helin (born 25 April 1972) is a Swedish actress. She was nominated for a Guldbagge Award for her role in Dalecarlians, and stars as Saga Norén in the Danish/Swedish co-produced TV series The Bridge (Danish: Broen; Swedish: Bron).

Who is the blonde actress in The Bridge?

While Saga Norén never smiles, Sofia Helin is a ray of sunshine. She is strikingly beautiful and stylish, and she has a ready smile.

What does saga rub on her gums in The Bridge?

Throughout the series, Saga is often seen carrying a round container from which she obtains something that she then places between her gum and cheek. This is a pouch of Swedish Snus, a tobacco product that many Swedes use as an alternative to cigarettes.

Is saga from The Bridge autistic?

A large part of the show’s success lies with Helin’s performance. And while The Bridge’s creator Hans Rosenfeldt (who also wrote Marcella) has never officially confirmed that Saga has Asperger syndrome, Helin considers her character to be on the spectrum.

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Who is Astrid in The Bridge?

The Bridge (TV Series 2011–2018) – Selma Modéer Wiking as Astrid – IMDb.

What happened to sagas sister?

Character background Little is known about Saga’s background at first, although in the second series, Martin looks into her family history, discovering that her sister Jennifer committed suicide.

Is the actress who plays saga autistic?

While the writers of The Bridge have never confirmed that Saga has Asperger syndrome – a form of autism – it has been generally assumed to be the case. Sofia Helin, the actress who plays her, has regularly referred to it in interviews. Elisabeth Wiklander was diagnosed with autism in her late 20s.

Where did Sofia Helin get her scars?

Helin has a facial scar resulting from a cycling accident when she was 24.

What condition does Saga Norén have?

Although not specified — writer Hans Rosenfeldt has said “the audience have decided” — homicide detective Saga is believed to have Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.

Who plays Saga Norén?

Born in Sweden, Sofia Helin, 48, played Saga Norén in the Danish-Swedish television series The Bridge, which ran for four seasons.

What language do Saga and Martin speak in the bridge?

4 Answers. They both speak their native language. Saga speaks Swedish and Martin Danish.

Do saga and Henrik end up together?

Saga was shot, quit the police, and didn’t end up with Henrik (who watched his daughter being “maimed”).

Where is the bridge filmed?

Filming locations in The Bridge Although the story is set both in Malmö and Copenhagen, most of the content of The Bridge is filmed on location in Malmö.

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Is Astrid Henriks daughter?

In seasons three and four, Saga’s new partner, Henrik, must search for his two missing daughters. His wife’s body was found six years after she disappeared, but there is no sign of their daughters, Astrid and Anna. Henrik resigns from the police to search and asks Saga to join him.

Who killed Alice in The Bridge?

Saga questions her, and is about to leave when she takes a phone call that confirms her growing suspicions. Susanne shoots her and leaves her for dead on the pavement, in a scene that will leave those of you who have been fearing a tragedy with your hearts in your mouths.

What are Henriks daughters called in The Bridge?

Henrik v Saga: the reconciliation Saga’s unrelenting investigative drive had gifted Henrik the belated and painful truth about the disappearance of his wife, Alice, and daughters Astrid and Anna.

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