Quick Answer: Who Is The Actress In The Realtor Com Commercials?

This week, Realtor.com® unveiled a new logo, a redesigned News Advice section, and the largest national marketing campaign they’ve ever embarked upon. To accomplish this, they had to bring in some “big guns.” Their new ad campaign features Elizabeth Banks, the Emmy-nominated actress, producer, and director.

Who is the woman in the realtor com commercial?

If you don’t remember, Realtor.com retained the services of actress Elizabeth Banks to appear in their commercials as recently as last year. The ads were, in our opinion, great for a variety of reasons. Banks is a funny, likable pitchwoman. The ads were well-written and memorable.

What commercial is Elizabeth Banks in?

Instead, it’s a 60-second ad for Archer Roose wine that serves as a national coming-out party for the brand and an introduction of Banks as the company’s co-owner and CCO.

Who is Elizabeth Banks husband?

Woody Harrelson is an actor of stage and screen, a playwright and a household name in entertainment with a net worth of $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How old is Emily Banks?

Louisville native and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has something to celebrate. She turns 31 years old on Aug. 15, which if our calculations are correct, means she’s been acting for more than half her lifetime.

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