Quick Answer: Which Actress Plays The Character Roxie Hart In The 2002 Film &Quot;Chicago”?

Renée Zellweger as Roxie Hart, a housewife who aspires to be a vaudevillian, and is arrested for the murder of her deceitful lover Fred Casely.

Who has played Roxie in Chicago Broadway?

Performers who have portrayed Roxie Hart in the musical also include Katherine Edgar, Paige Davis, Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, Liza Minnelli (who substituted for Gwen Verdon in the original production in 1975), Ann Reinking, Bianca Marroquin, Brooke Shields, Ruthie Henshall, Melora Hardin, Ashlee Simpson, Melanie Griffith

Who was the real Roxie Hart?

They belonged to Beulah Annan, who was the inspiration for Roxie Hart of Chicago — the 1924 play, the 1927 silent, the 1975 musical and the 2002 Oscar-winning film (and that 1942 Ginger Rogers flick). A married woman accused of shooting her lover in the back, Annan’s murder trial was inescapably tabloid-ready.

Who is the female lead in Chicago?

The film stars Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere. Chicago centers on Roxie Hart (Zellweger) and Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones), two murderesses who find themselves in jail together awaiting trial in 1920s Chicago.

Did Sabella Nitti hang?

July 9, 1923 Sabella Nitti was called a “husband killer”, by 12 male jurors. She was sentenced to hang for the murder after the jury deliberated only one hour and forty-seven minutes. She was the first woman to ever be sentenced to hang in Cook County, Illinois. Her execution was slated for October12, 1923.

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Who was Velma Kelly based on?

Historical basis. Velma Kelly’s character was based on a woman named Belva Gaertner. Belva was a cabaret singer who had been married and divorced twice. After those men had come and gone, she had a lover named Walter Law, who she thought was the right man for her.

Who is Annie in Chicago?

Chicago (2002) – Denise Faye as Annie – IMDb.

Was Catherine Zeta-Jones pregnant filming Chicago?

Catherine Zeta -Jones was actually a few months pregnant in this movie. When she started to show, they would sometimes use a body double from the back, and then shoot her from the waist up, so you could not see the slight bump that started to appear in certain scenes.

Who was the first Roxie in Chicago?

Christie Brinkley. The supermodel made her Broadway debut as Roxie in Chicago in 2010.

Who is playing Velma Kelly in Chicago?

Kelly is an aloof nightclub singer/vaudevillian of the 20’s, who plays sensationalist musical numbers at the jazz nightclub “The Onyx” in Chicago.

  • Velma Kelly played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago” (2002)
  • Matron Miss Morton (“Mama”) is her best friend at jail.
  • Velma at trial.

Who is Matron Mama Morton based on?

Some felt it was cynical and subversive. It is based on two real-life women, Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner, who were accused of murder in separate cases in the 1920s.

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