Quick Answer: What Happened To Matilda Actress?

Mara Wilson is now a successful writer According to IMDb, Mara Wilson quit acting professionally in 2000, only four short years after Matilda was released. Instead of becoming a full-time celebrity, the then-13-year-old Wilson gave up life on the silver screen to become a writer.

Why did Matilda stop acting?

The young performer decided to step away from acting for good in order to focus on writing. To this day, Wilson works as a writer and director, and although she has since acted in a few small roles, primarily voiceovers, she has chosen a whole new life for herself — far away from the spectacle of Hollywood.

Who died from Matilda?

But on March 10, 1995 — while filming Matilda — Mara’s mom, Suzie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Danny and Rhea stepped up and offered to watch Mara anytime her parents needed to go to the hospital. After filming wrapped, Suzie’s condition grew worse. She passed away on April 26, 1996.

Did Danny DeVito adopt the girl from Matilda?

Both Perlman and DeVito took extra time between takes with Mara. They even went so far as to bring her along for family for trips, including her as much as possible. Sadly, her mother Suzie passed on April 26th, 1996, just a year after being diagnosed. Danny DeVito dedicated Matilda to Mara’s mother, Suzie Wilson.

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How old is Mara Wilson now?

Mara Wilson is 33 years old and works as a writer for various publications and shows. Wilson retired from her acting career in 2000 after a string of successful films. Since retiring from acting, she has gone on to write the Play ‘Sheeple’. She has also served as a voice actor for the hit Netflix show, BoJack Horseman.

How old is Miss Honey now?

She was a hero. She looked young when she first appeared as Miss Honey back in 1996, but now, 20 years later, she still looks so fresh and youthful. She’s now 50 years old and is still acting in movies, seen most recently in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 as Mary Parker, alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Who is Mara Wilson’s dad?

Early life. Mara Elizabeth Wilson was born in Burbank, California, on July 24, 1987, the oldest daughter of Burbank PTA school volunteer Suzie Wilson (née Shapiro; 1953–1996) and KTLA 5 News broadcast engineer Mike Wilson. Her mother was Jewish, while her father is half Irish.

Is Danny DeVito married?

At the end of the book, Matilda’s family announces they’re moving to Spain. They have to move because Matilda’s dad is a criminal whose number’s coming up. He has to get away from the British legal system.

How old was Mara Wilson when filming Matilda?

At the age of nine, Mara was cast in the lead role in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book Matilda (1996).

Where does Mara Wilson live now?


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