Question: In Which Country Was Pioneering Actress Norma Shearer Born?

Norma Shearer, in full Edith Norma Shearer, (born August 1902, Montreal, Quebec, Canada—died June 12, 1983, Woodland Hills, California, U.S.), American motion-picture actress known for her glamour, charm, sophistication, and versatility.

Where was Norma Shearer born?

The ladylike quality that Miss Shearer projected came partly from her shabby-genteel girlhood in Canada, where she was born in a suburb of Montreal, the daughter of Andrew Shearer and Edith Fisher Shearer. According to M-G-M records, the date of her birth was Aug. 15, 1902, which would make her 80 years old.

When was Norma Shearer born?

Shearer was of Scottish, English, and Irish descent. Her childhood was spent in Montreal, where she was educated at Montreal High School for Girls and Westmount High School.

Is Douglas Shearer related to Norma Shearer?

Douglas Graham Shearer (November 17, 1899 – January 5, 1971) was a Canadian American pioneering sound designer and recording director who played a key role in the advancement of sound technology for motion pictures. The elder brother of actress Norma Shearer, he won seven Academy Awards for his work.

Did Norma Shearer Discover Janet Leigh?

Raised in Stockton, California by working-class parents, Leigh was discovered at 18 by actress Norma Shearer, who helped her secure a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Leigh appeared in radio programs before her first formal foray into acting, making her film debut in the drama The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947).

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Is Norma Shearer still alive?

At age 36 she played 13-year-old Juliet opposite Leslie Howard in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1936). Perhaps her best role was that of the central figure in George Cukor’s all-woman vehicle, the star-studded The Women (1939). Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer in Romeo and Juliet (1936), directed by George Cukor.

How tall is Paulette Goddard?

The ski instructor met Norma Shearer in 1938, two years after the death of her first husband Irving Thalberg Sr. In 1942, Shearer married Arrouge, the marriage lasting until her death in 1983. He remarried Michele Daphine Ward on August 5, 1985 and died on August 8, 1999.

What was wrong with Norma Shearer’s eyes?

2) Norma had a condition called strabismus, which made her look cross-eyed – hence Ziegfeld’s harsh critique. Marching into the anteroom of production chief Irving Thalberg, Norma ordered the “office boy” to present her to his boss, and was stunned when the 24-year-old “lackey” turned out to be Thalberg himself.

Did Irene Dunne do her own singing?

She sang in 26 of her 41 films and for all kind of purposes: to comfort, to put someone to sleep – and not only kids, to shut her man up, to get her man, to show that she is happy, in love, or even to prove that she is still nutsand of course for sheer entertainment! Music is a self-evident element of Irene Dunne´s

Did Norma Shearer play piano?

By the time Norma Shearer was nine, she knew exactly what she wanted – to be an actress. Dubbed “The Queen of Hollywood” by Louis B. Mayer, Norma Shearer began her movie career not in front of a camera but playing the piano at silent movie theatres in Montreal.

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How tall was Rosalind Russell?

1.73 m

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