Question: How To Get Away With A Murderer Eve Rothlo Actress?

Famke Beumer Janssen is a supporting actress on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays Eve Rothlo.

Who plays Eve Rothlo?

How to Get Away with Murder (TV Series 2014–2020) – Famke Janssen as Eve Rothlo – IMDb.

Who played Eve on Htgawm?

Famke Beumer Janssen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfɑmkə ˈbøːmər ˈjɑnsə(n)]; born c. 1964) is a Dutch actress and former fashion model. She played Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye (1995), Jean Grey / Phoenix in the X-Men film series (2000–2014), Ava Moore on Nip/Tuck, and Lenore Mills in the Taken film trilogy (2008–2014).

Who plays Susan Hargrave?

Famke Janssen plays Susan “Scottie” Hargrave on the NBC drama “The Blacklist: Redemption.” Janssen is widely known for her role of Jean Grey/Phoenix in the original “X-Men” film trilogy, which has featured such A-list talent as Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, James Marsden and Anna Paquin.

Is Famke Janssen married?

Vivian Maddox is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mentally ill mother of Gabriel Maddox and the ex-wife of Sam Keating.

Who is Annalise Keating’s girlfriend?

Eve Rothlo, played by Famke Janssen, is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was in a happy and healthy relationship with Annalise, who ended up leaving her for her therapist. Eve spends many years attempting to get over her ex-lover.

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Is Famke Janssen a woman?

At the age of 54, Famke Janssen is like a “little girl.” After all, it is the meaning of the actress’s name in French. The actress rose to fame after the role of James Bond’s girlfriend. She consolidated the success playing Jean Grey in the cult X-Men film series. Famke Janssen was born on November 5, 1964.

How tall is Famke Janssen?

Wes died in Season 3 of the show when Dominick (Nicholas Gonzalez) killed him on the orders of Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father.

What happened to Susan Hargrave?

This leads to a deadly showdown which ends with Susan Hargrave being arrested and taken to prison after she is framed by Howard for making a supercomputer. It is revealed at the end of the first season that Howard and his friend, Whitehall, have been working together to build a supercomputer.

Do they get Agnes back?

In last night’s Blacklist, Liz told Red that she had made the big decision to finally bring Agnes home. That’s a sign she finally trusts Agnes’ safety around Red.

Is Scottie a sleeper agent?

Tom takes the information to Howard, who freely admits that he’s off his meds and credits that with him being able to finally “see the truth.” Howard also tells Tom that Scottie is one of the sleeper agents from the Russian Pleasantville, sent to “replace” the real Scottie Hargrave — who, he believes, was murdered 30

Who plays Gene GREY?

You’re looking fabulous at 55, Halle Berry! Born in Cleveland, the multi-talented, Oscar-winning actress celebrates her birthday on Aug. 14.

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How old is Sophie Turner?

25 years (February 21, 1996)

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