Often asked: Why Didn’T Curley’S Wife’S Mom Did Not Let Her Become An Actress?

Curley ‘s wife obviously doesn ‘t love Curley; she just wanted a getaway from her mother. At the age of fifteen, she had a passion to be an actress, but her mother wouldn’t let her because she was too young.…

Why did Curley’s wife’s dream of being an actress fail?

This dream is destroyed by her marriage to Curley because once she is married she is not allowed to pursue an acting career because she has to look after the house, because Curley will not allow her to leave the ranch to become an actress.

Who does Curley’s wife blame for her dream of becoming a film star failing?

She never got a letter, probably because he was lying so he could take advantage of her. However, Curley’s wife also blamed her mother for intercepting the letter. The entire experience embittered her so she was willing to run off with Curley to get away from her mother and also the memories of her shattered dream.

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Why did Curley’s wife want to become an actress?

Curley’s wife wants to go to Hollywood and be in the movies because she dislikes her life on the ranch. As she says, if she were an actress, she “wouldn’t be livin’ like this.” She confides in Lennie that she doesn’t like Curley, saying he’s not a nice guy.

Was Curley’s wife an actress?

Curley’s wife’s dream is to become a movie actress. A man once told her he’d put her in movies, but Curley’s wife never heard back from him. She holds on to that dream and talks about what could have been. At a more basic level, her dream is about being able to escape the ranch and her dissatisfying marriage to Curley.

What effect does the destruction of Curley’s wife’s dream have on her?

Curley’s Wife had her dreams ruined partially because her mother would not let her go become an actress. She could be inferring in this quote that even though you have these dreams, you’re still on the ranch, getting bad pay. To really achieve your dreams, you have to go chase them before they go away.

How have Curley’s wife’s dreams for her life changed?

How have Curley’s wife’s dreams for her life changed or been lost? Curley’s wife’s dreams have changed because she admits that Curley is not a nice person. She has given up on their marriage. Why does Curley’s wife tell Lennie about “the letter”?

What does Curley’s wife’s background reveal about her?

Curley’s wife reveals that she always wanted to go to Hollywood and make it as a movie star. It was largely as a way of escaping such a stultifying home life that Curley’s wife got married to a man she didn’t love. As a result, she finds herself trapped in an environment from which there’s no escape.

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What was Curley’s wife’s dream she indicates that life with Curley is not what she wanted for herself?

Curley’s wife’s dream was to go to Hollywood and be a movie star. What was Curley’s wife’s dream? She indicates that life with Curley is not what she wanted for herself. She offered to let Lennie stroke her hair because he liked to touch and pet soft things.

When did Curley’s wife say she wanted to be an actress?

At the age of fifteen, she had a passion to be an actress, but her mother wouldn’t let her because she was too young.…

Did Curley’s wife become an actor?

It seems very clear from this chapter that Curley’s wife totally hates living on the ranch. She complains vigorously about life on the ranch when she is talking to Candy and Lennie. She hates being in a tiny little house with only Curley for company. I sort of feel sorry for her at that point.

What was curleys wifes dream?

Curley’s wife also has a dream – to be a film star – and although she no longer has any real hope that this could come true, it gives her a distraction from the unhappiness of her life, which is also true of dreams for the other characters.

What was Curley’s wife’s name?

In the book and the 1992 film adaptation, her name is never revealed. But in the 1939 film adaptation, her name is Mae.

What happened to Curley’s wife?

Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife by shaking and breaking her neck. He doesn’t mean to do it; as always with Lennie, he doesn’t know his own strength. But he’s drawn to Curley’s wife by the softness of her hair as well as her overpowering sexuality.

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