How I Met Your Mother Janet Mcintyre Actress?

Amber Dawn Stevens West (born October 7, 1986) is an American actress.


Year 2011
Title How I Met Your Mother
Role Janet McIntyre
Notes Episode: “Mystery vs. History”


What did Janet McIntyre do Himym?

She is the youngest woman to climb Mount Everest. She saved a baby by rescuing him from a creek.

What happened to Janet McIntyre?

Janet McIntyre is a New Zealand television journalist, reporter and producer. She worked as a news reporter in Australia on Channel 9 News, along with 60 Minutes in New Zealand. She currently works as a reporter for New Zealand current affairs show Sunday.

What gender is Marshall and Lily’s baby?

Eventually, they found out that Lily was pregnant, and she gave birth to a boy named Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen.

Why do Robin and Kevin break up?

However, because Robin does not want Kevin to regret marrying her, she firmly tells him that she does not want to have children ever, not even by adoption, forcing Kevin to truly reflect on the issue. He then takes back the proposal and they break up.

Is Lily Aldrin a psychopath?

While most of it is played for comedic effect, Lily Aldrin and Barney Stinson are some of the characters whose behavior is often borderline psychotic, as their actions are quite questionable.

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Is Marvin really Lily’s baby?

Marvin Waitforit Eriksen is Marshall and Lily’s son.

What episode does Lily get pregnant?

In the season 6 finale, they find out that Lily is pregnant, and their son Marvin is born in The Magician’s Code Part – One.

Does Teddy cheat on Robin?

Ted tells her to do it and it works out. The relationship almost went down in flames after Ted cheated on Victoria with Robin while lying to Robin, saying he and Victoria were broken up. (Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.). Later that night Ted and Victoria break up.

Did Robin tell Kevin she cheated?

She didn’t tell him — which, when she showed up to MacLaren’s with Kevin, crushed Barney. Back at the hospital, Kevin had told Robin, “We’ve all done bad things.

Does Robin ever have a baby?

Ultimately, Robin is found not to be pregnant, but she is also found to be unable to have a baby at all. She and Barney are happy to not be pregnant, but Robin doesn’t tell Barney about her infertility until a few months later.

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