FAQ: Actress Who Played Vera On Alice?

Elizabeth Howland (May 28, 1939 – December 31, 2015) was an American actress. She worked on stage and television, and was best known for playing Vera Gorman in Alice, the sitcom inspired by the Martin Scorsese film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974).

Beth Howland
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What happened to Vera From Alice?

Beth Howland, who was best known for playing Vera, a flighty waitress, on the ’70s and ’80s sitcom “Alice,” died in Santa Monica. Her husband, actor Charles Kimbrough, confirmed her death to the Associated Press, revealing that the actress died from lung cancer on Dec. 31.

How old was Beth Howland when she died?

The new character served as a replacement for Flo (Polly Holliday), who left for her own series, Flo (1980). Allegedly Linda Lavin had trouble getting along with her co-stars, which is why Polly Holliday and Diane Ladd left the show.

Who is Beth Howland married to?

After nine seasons of serving up chili at Mel’s Diner as Alice, Linda, 82, wasn’t one to rehash that kind of work.

Who is Beth Howland daughter?

Holly Pollard

What did Philip mckeon died of?

While Lavin has no biological children, she is the stepmother of the children of her second husband and plays an active role in their lives and she also plays an active role in the lives of her grandchildren, and she is also the stepmother of the children of her third and current husband, artist/musician Steve Bakunas,

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What nationality is Linda Lavin?


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