Readers ask: The Actor Who Plays Don Draper On Amc?

Jon Hamm, byname of Jonathan Daniel Hamm, (born March 10, 1971, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.), American actor who was best known for his work as the mercurial and brilliant adman Don Draper on the television series Mad Men (2007–15).

How old is the guy from skip the dishes?

The 49-year-old reportedly made $250,000 per episode at one point during “Mad Men.” He’s been in a bunch of movies.

What is Jon Hamm doing now?

He has consistently chosen unexpected roles, most recently appearing as the angel Gabriel in the Amazon Prime series Good Omens. Hamm has also lent his commanding voice to some television commercials, including Mercedes-Benz commercials — a partnership that Don Draper himself would surely approve of.

How old is Jon Hamm?

When she sees her doctor, Betty is shocked to discover that her recent lightheadedness is a sign of aggressive, advanced lung cancer that has begun to spread throughout her body.

Why does Betty Draper gain weight?

During the filming of the show, Jones became pregnant before season five. On the show, doctors informed Betty she had a benign tumor on her thyroid which led to her gaining weight. The real-life pregnancy was obviously not mentioned.

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How Much Does Jon Hamm make for skip the dishes?

That’s $3-5 million per year if you want to think of it that way. But the money is likely paid upfront.

Who plays Brandon in the skip the dishes commercial?

Building on the relationship between Canadians and Skip (as Canada’s most-used food delivery app), the new creative stars Hamm doubling-down on his “Canadian-ness”, accompanied by his trusted assistant and confidante Brandon (played by actor/comedian Monty Geer ).

Where did Jon Hamm go to college?

InStyle notes that Hamm does have an Instagram account, but he uses it purely to follow others and has never posted. Since the conclusion of Mad Men in 2015, the actor has kept a lower profile, primarily taking on off-beat supporting roles.

What age is Ed Helms?

Set in 1960’s New York, Mad Men tells the story of the golden age of advertising through the eyes of Don Draper. Mad Men was filmed in Los Angeles & Honolulu in the United States of America.

Is Jon Hamm in Modern Family?

The actor, who stars as the confident yet brooding Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, takes the lead in Disney’s family-friendly film Million Dollar Arm, hitting theaters May 16.

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