Quick Answer: Who Is The Actor In The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Commercial?

Venezuelan-Canadian actor Humberly Gonzalez was selected as the newest Angel, one of more to come. Peterborough actor Linda Kash’s reign as the iconic Philly Cream Cheese Angel is now officially over — kind of.

Who is in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial?

Linda Kash is best known as the Philly Cream Cheese Angel, but the Canadian actress has a much more prolific history on screen — including a role on one of the most famous episodes of Seinfeld.

Who is the actor in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial Schmelier?

The Schmelier • Philadelphia Cream Cheese — Luke Chard.

How old is Linda Kash?

The new Angel is Humberley Gonzalez, a Toronto actress whose TV credits include Utopia Falls, Orphan Black and CBC’s Workin’ Moms. According to Philly, Gonzalez exhibited three key criteria that led to her selection for the role: wit, charm and relatability.

Who plays the new Philly angel?

Linda Kash (born 17 January 1961) is a Canadian actress.

What is a Schmelier?

Entry from May 11, 2021. Schmelier or Schmearlier (schmear expert) A “sommelier” is a wine steward. In January 2020, Philadelphia Cream Cheese advertised the “schmelier,” an expert on schmearing cream cheese.

Was Linda Kash on Seinfeld?

Kash, the co-founder and resident teacher of the local Peterborough Academy for Performing Arts, once appeared in an episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. It was in season 5, in 1993. The episode was called The Lip Reader and Kash played George’s ex-girlfriend Gwen.

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