Quick Answer: Who Is The Actor In The New Allstate Commercials?

Dennis Haysbert
Haysbert in 2015
Born Dennis Dexter Haysbert June 2, 1954 San Mateo, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1978–present


Who is the actor in the new Allstate Commercial 2021?

Who Is the Actor in the New 2021 Allstate Commercial? Devere Rogers is a 28-year-old actor from Atlanta who portrayed an Allstate customer zooming through the desert and singing along to Pet Shop Boys in a 30-second spot that aired during the 2021 Super Bowl.

Who is in the latest Allstate commercial?

The latest commercial from Allstate — entitled “Along for the Ride” — features a woman ( Erin Alexis ) driving through a suburban neighborhood in her Toyota Prius with her house hitched to the back of it.

Who is in the Allstate Let’s make lots of money commercial?

Actor Devere Rogers, 28 and from Atlanta, plays the fortunate driver in Allstate’s “Duet” ad. The ad has certainly raised the profile of actor Devere Rogers who plays the driver.

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Who are the singers in the Allstate commercial?

Allstate TV Commercial, ‘Duet’ Song by Pet Shop Boys – iSpot.tv.

Who is the female voice on the new Allstate commercial?

Allstate’s commercials are always evocative and enticing, and their latest is no different. The ad, voiced by Alicia Keys, features people going about their lives while a fun, cool, and swanky instrumental song plays in the background (via YouTube). If you’re thinking that this music sounds familiar, you’d be right.

How much does Dennis Haysbert make from Allstate?

After all, he’s been acting professionally since the 1970s and has had starring roles in hit TV shows like 24. However, his salary from Allstate is no small sum. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he probably makes up to $4 million a year by lending his trustworthy image to the brand.

Who is Jake from State Farm?

In 2020, State Farm revived the popular “State of Unrest” campaign, but with an updated twist. The role of Jake was re-cast by professional actor Kevin Mimms. According to his LinkedIn page, Mimms (who also goes by Kevin Miles) trained in theatre and acting at the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Who is the woman in the Allstate Mayhem commercial?

Allstate Drivewise TV Commercial, ‘Mayhem: Mother-in-Law’ Featuring Tina Fey, Dean Winters – iSpot.tv.

Who sings you got the brawn I got the brains Let’s make lots of money?

Pet Shop Boys

Who is the French singer on the Allstate commercial?

The song doesn’t just sound old and romantic and like the soundtrack to a film; it actually is all of those things. The song is called “Non, je ne regrette rien,” which translates to “No, I have no regrets,” and is performed by the late Edith Piaf.

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Did Tina Fey do an Allstate commercial?

Allstate’s ​havoc-wreaking character, introduced nearly a decade ago, gets tamed in a new campaign from the insurer helmed by Tina Fey. This is the first time the Mayhem campaign, fronted by actor Dean Winters, has featured a celebrity, other than Winters himself.

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