Quick Answer: Doctor Who Craig Owens Actor?

“Doctor Who” Closing Time (TV Episode 2011) – James Corden as Craig Owens – IMDb.

Who is Craig Owens in Doctor Who?

James Kimberly Corden, OBE (born 22 August 1978) played Craig Owens in the Doctor Who stories The Lodger and Closing Time, and the box set exclusive Up All Night. Corden is a BAFTA and Tony award-winning English actor, comedian, writer and producer, active since the late 1990s.

When was James Corden on Doctor Who?

Corden, who briefly appeared in the series back in 2011 with Matt Smith as The Doctor, asked Whittaker to describe the long-running show for fans who were only discovering the show through its new American home of HBO Max.

What does the baby call himself in Doctor Who?

Alfie Owens was the son of Craig Owens and Sophie. According to the Eleventh Doctor, who claimed to be able to speak baby, Alfie preferred to call himself ” Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All”.

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Where was the lodger Doctor Who filmed?

Location filming took place in Cardiff in early March 2010. The house in which Craig has his flat is in Westville Road, and the location for the football match was Victoria Park; the play area there had previously been used as a location in “Forest of the Dead”.

Who did the Doctor call in The Wedding of River Song?

All this, and it’s not even a two-parter. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for, the next time you watch: (The episode is available on iTunes and Amazon.) The moment where the Doctor calls his old friend the Brigadier is inspired by the death of actor Nicholas Courtney.

What seasons of Doctor Who is Matt Smith in?

“Doctor Who: The Matt Smith Collection” collects seasons 5-7 of “Doctor Who” from 2010-2013, including the Christmas episodes “A Christmas Carol,” “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,” and “The Time of the Doctor” as well as the 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor.” In addition to Matt Smith as the

How much weight did James Corden lose?

He recently revealed he has lost ‘ just over 35lbs ‘ (2.5 stone) with the help of WW – formerly WeightWatchers.

Who is the showrunner for Doctor Who?

Russell T Davies is to return as showrunner to the BBC’s flagship science fiction series Doctor Who.

Who is the baby in Doctor Who closing time?

In the episode, alien time traveller the Doctor (Matt Smith) is going on a “farewell tour” before his impending death and visits his friend Craig Owens (James Corden) in present-day Colchester, who has a new baby son, Alfie.

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How does Craig know the doctor?

Craig learned about the Doctor’s origin on Gallifrey, his earlier incarnations, Amy Pond, that the strange spinning contraption was a scanner, his TARDIS and that the upstairs flat was really a disguised time ship. Amy told them that someone was currently upstairs and they realised it was Sophie.

How many doctor who were Scottish?

Doctors 7, 10 and 12 are all played by Scottish actors (Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi), as is Missy (Michelle Gomez), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) to name but a few. Even current showrunner Steven Moffat is Scottish.

Is the Dr Who Experience still open?

Update: October 2021 The producers have been forced to postpone reopening the production until all works are able to be completed. The new reopening date will be confirmed by the production team as soon as possible and we will continue to update our social channels and website with further updates.

What is inside the Pandorica?

In Amy’s room, River finds a story book about Pandora’s box and a children’s book about Roman Britain. River communicates this to the Doctor, warning him that the Pandorica must be a trap, created out of Amy’s memories. As the Doctor is sealed inside the Pandorica, every star in the sky goes supernova.

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