Question: Actor Who Looks Like He’S Wearing Eyeliner?

Néstor Carbonell
Born Néstor Gastón Carbonell December 1, 1967 New York City, U.S.
Alma mater Harvard University (AB)
Occupation Actor director screenwriter
Years active 1989–present

Is Nestor Carbonell wearing eyeliner?

Upon close inspection, it does seem as if there is no liner between those lashes and what we’re seeing in the pulled-back shot is an optical illusion. My personal conclusion: Nestor Carbonell is *not *wearing liner.

Is Alex Romero wearing eyeliner?

In this scene from the second After Hours Special, Nestor Carbonell talks about how fans always think his character, Sheriff Alex Romero, is wearing eyeliner. He is not wearing tattooed eyeliner either! He obviously has an ethnic background that gives him darkly pigmented features.

Does the guy on the morning show wear eyeliner?

Someone had asked about whether I was wearing eyeliner. I think Carlton came to my defense, and he said, “He’s 100 percent sans makeup ” or something like that. I could see why some people would think I have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark. Especially the bottom row, they’re pretty dark.

Does the guy from Lost wear eyeliner?

Lost’s Nestor Carbonell told Sci-Fi Wire he understands why everyone thinks he’s into “guyliner,” but that it’s simply a myth. “I could see why some people would thinkI have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark.

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Does Derek Carr wear eyeliner?

Derek Carr says he does not wear eye-liner, but he’s heard that his whole life. “The Lord has just blessed me with some great eye lashes.”

Does Romero wear eyeliner in Bates Motel?

Bates Motel: Nestor Carbonell Proves He Is Not Wearing Eyeliner (Season 2) | A&E.

How tall is Nestor Carbonell?

Declan Rand ( Nestor Carbonell ) is a fake criminal profiler who briefly dated Juliet. With the exception of Gus, Madeleine and Henry, he is the only character who knows Shawn is not psychic at the time of his appearance. He first appeared in “Shawn 2.0” (5.08) and last in “One, Maybe Two, Ways Out” (5.09).

What nationality is Nestor Carbonell?

Néstor Gastón Carbonell (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈnestoɾ ɣasˈtoŋ kaɾβoˈneʎ]; born December 1, 1967) is an American actor, director, and screenwriter. He came to prominence for his role as Luis Rivera in the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan.

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