Often asked: Gary Grimes Actor Where Is He Now?

He still lives in Los Angeles and has remained out of public view since that time, working for a charitable organization.

Is Gary Grimes married?

GREENWICH, Conn., May 2 — Miss Melanie Wilmer Gordon and Gary Sherman Grimes were married here this afternoon in St.

How old is Gary Grimes now?

Dorothy was played by Jennifer O’Neill, 22 at the time. While the actual events of the summer of ’42 took place on Nantucket, the film was not shot here. “It was too built up and just didn’t look the same by 1970,” said Raucher, whose visit in 1942 was the only time he spent on Nantucket.

How old is Jennifer Oneill?

73 years (February 20, 1948)

Who played the husband in summer of 42?

Movie Info Teenage Herman Raucher (Gary Grimes), summering on Nantucket Island with his sex-obsessed pals Oscy ( Jerry Houser ) and Benji (Oliver Conant) during World War II, meets Dorothy (Jennifer O’Neill), a newlywed in her 20s whose husband is off at war.

Where did they film the summer of 42?

The production of Summer of 42 took place in Mendocino, California, which is on the West Coast of the United States. The place featured Dorothy and Hermie’s houses, the market place and other major spots in the movie. Moreover, the makers chose Fort Bragg as one of the Summer of 42 filming locations.

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Was the summer of 42 based on a true story?

The book became a bestseller prior to the film’s release, so the film was publicized as “from Herman Raucher’s national best seller.” Both the film and this book are based on the real incidents that happened during the summer of 1942 in Raucher’s life.

How old was Hermie in the summer of 42?

Raucher recalls the summer he spent on Nantucket island in 1942. The film flashes back to a day that then 15-year-old “Hermie” and his friends – jock Oscy and introverted nerd Benjie – spent playing on the beach.

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