Often asked: Actor Who Played Banjo In Deliverance?

Billy Redden is synonymous with a singular type of movie role: the banjo boy. He got his start in the 1972 film “Deliverance,” which followed four urbanites on a canoe trip through rural Georgia.

Did Billy Redden actually play the banjo in Deliverance?

He did not actually play the banjo – a local musician hid behind the boy and played with his hands instead. The boy’s unfortunate physiognomy was also exaggerated by makeup, and by just sitting there silently, he wrote himself into movie history.

Who actually played banjo in Deliverance?

Billy Redden (born 1956) is an American actor, best known for his role as a backwoods mountain boy in the 1972 film Deliverance. He played Lonnie, a banjo-playing teenager in north Georgia, who played the noted “Dueling Banjos” with Drew Ballinger (Ronny Cox).

What happened to the boy who played the banjo in Deliverance?

Eric Weissberg, who arranged, played banjo on and won a Grammy for “Dueling Banjos,” from the 1972 movie Deliverance, died Sunday of Alzheimer’s disease complications. He was 80.

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Who played the retarded banjo player in Deliverance?

Billy Redden, who played Lonnie “the banjo boy” in Deliverance will be joining us this Friday night at the Fox! Billy will be available in the lobby for photos and autographs after the movie. Did you know famed director Tim Burton, specifically sought out Billy to be the banjo player in his 2003 movie, Big Fish.

Does Billy Redden still work at WalMart?

The hillbilly boy with whom he plays the iconic “Dueling Banjos” scene in Deliverance, Billy Redden, now works at Wal-Mart: “We just had the 40th anniversary of the film. The boy, Billy Redden, a fine actor, is working at WalMart in Clayton, Ga. And he’s not a boy, he’s 50 now.”

How old was Billy Redden in Deliverance?

Stephen A. Mandell, who shared a Grammy award with Eric Weissberg for their “Dueling Banjos” performance used in the 1972 movie “Deliverance,” died March 14 from prostate cancer at his Owings Mills home. He was 76.

Why do they call it Dueling Banjos?

The true roots of Dueling Banjos is a bluegrass composition originally from Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith back in 1954. Smith composed the song as a banjo instrumental originally called “Feudin’ Banjos.” The song’s use in the movie led to a lawsuit by Smith when it spread like wildfire through the film Deliverance.

Where does Billy Redden live?

Billy Redden, fifty-six, lives in Dillard, Georgia, and works at Walmart.

Who is the creepy banjo boy?

Billy Redden is best known for playing Lonnie, the creepy banjo kid, in the 1972 film “Deliverance.” Guess what he looks like now!

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Where was the banjo scene in Deliverance filmed?

The Deliverance banjo scene is also iconic, where Ronny Cox’s Drew plays “Dueling Banjos” with a local boy (Billy Redden). The adventure is set in Georgia and was fittingly shot on location in Rabun County, Georgia.

Is Deliverance a true story?

“Deliverance,” which the writer hinted was based on real events (although few believe him; Boorman says “nothing in that book actually happened to him”) was his first and only experience in the film industry (although after his death, the Coen Brothers tried to make a silent version of his final book, “To The White Sea

Why was Deliverance banned?

In 1972, the novel was made into a feature film starring Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight, and the movie was an Academy Award nominee. The book has been banned in some classrooms and libraries across the nation because some passages are considered obscene and pornographic.

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