FAQ: Who Is The Actor In The New Heineken Commercial?

Heineken® has collaborated with actor Daniel Craig to create the ‘Worth The Wait’ commercial. Heineken® today reveals a new commercial concepted in collaboration with Daniel Craig called ‘Worth The Wait’, which celebrates the highly anticipated release of the new James Bond film No Time To Die.

Who is the guy in the new Heineken commercial?

The commercial shows Daniel Craig waiting patiently for the first satisfying sip of an ice-cold Heineken beer, in an ode to fans who have eagerly awaited the next instalment of the franchise and showing that the best things come to those who wait.

Who is the father and son in the new Heineken commercial?

Former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and his father Keke – also a World Champion in the same sport – are the new faces of the beer brand’s latest responsible consumption spot as part of its ongoing When You Drive, Never Drink campaign.

Who are the 2 guys in Heineken commercial?

Heineken® unveils new “When You Drive, Never Drink” campaign featuring two Formula 1 World Champions. Heineken® has launched a new When You Drive, Never Drink responsible consumption campaign featuring father and son duo, and former Formula 1 World Champions, Keke and Nico Rosberg.

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Who are Keke and Nico?

listen)), is a Finnish former racing driver and winner of the 1982 Formula One World Championship. He was the first Finnish driver to compete regularly in the series. He is the father of 2016 Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg.

Where is the new Heineken commercial filmed?

Location shots in Monaco and the French Riviera also feature throughout the one-and-a-half minute ad, which is set to Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.

What happened between Rosberg and Hamilton?

The two made contact at the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix, where Rosberg was widely criticised for hitting Hamilton at Les Combes, breaking his front wing and giving his teammate a puncture and effectively putting him out of the race.

Who did Keke Rosberg drive for in 1982?

Keijo Erik “Keke” Rosberg (KEK-ee; born December 6, 1948 in Solna, Stockholm County, Sweden) is a Finnish former Formula One racing driver. Rosberg has driven for Theodore, ATS, Wolf, Fittipaldi, Williams and McLaren between 1978 and 1986, winning 5 races and the 1982 World Drivers’ Championship.

How old is Lewis Hamilton?

36 years (January 7, 1985)

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